Senior Epidemiology Program Manager

Location: Denver, Colorado

Job Description:

Responsible for administration, oversight, management, process and accountability of research programs, data collection activities and operations for epidemiology-based health analytics unit. Coordinates project activities, regulatory approvals, contracting, vendors, and contracted deliverables.
• Reports directly to the Chief Scientific Officer
• Serves as direct supervisor to Health Analytics Team (3-5 team members)
• Acts as the primary program manager/liaison
• Leads cross-functional research team and interactions with technology team
• Ensures effective, accurate, appropriate and timely communication within cross functional teams to achieve key program objectives and provides updates on key issues and progress to Chief Scientific Officer.
• Utilizes strong project management skills, good data collection/management practices, research experience and effective vendor oversight
• Coordinates the process flow of a study from protocol development to IRB through the final study report and publication.
• Oversees development and generation of reports using data to create tables, charts and graphs; organizing such data into valuable reports, scientific reports, abstracts, presentations and manuscripts.
• Owns quality control process for data extraction, data analysis, and report generation.
• Proactively identifies and critically analyzes problems affecting assigned programs. In some cases, may be involved in finding viable and long-lasting solutions to cross-program, cross-functional, departmental and/or organizational challenges.

Job Requirements:

• Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, and possesses strong presentation and critical thinking skills.
• Interacts comfortably with all levels of individuals in the organization (both within and outside the company).
• Builds effective teams by understanding team dynamics and motivating others; proactively develops and fosters constructive interactions among team members in order to address difficult situations.
• Resolves and negotiates conflicts or problems with tact, diplomacy and composure.
• Handles multiple projects and priorities with exceptional organizational and time management skills (both project and self).
• Demonstrates proficiency MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. in addition to general knowledge with shared work environments.
• Knowledge of and ability to use the proper processes and practices for managing and administering a variety of contractual agreements.
• Knowledge of the policies and techniques to manage a set of related projects within a program; ability to plan, organize, monitor, and control the set of projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources, to achieve program objectives.
• Process driven.
• Leadership of a team that promotes good communication, sound scientific approach, appropriate research methodology and analytical techniques
• Ability to manage client accounts, relations, and partnerships

Education and Experience:
• Experience: Minimum of five (5) years of epidemiologic or clinical research experience with a minimum of two (2) years of research management
• Education: Masters degree (minimum; PhD preferred) or a combination of education and/or additional job related experience in lieu of the degree.

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