Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) is excited to announce the expansion of and enhancements to its pain and opioid treatment program for injured workers covered in a workers compensation plan.  Providing management and programs for early intervention and chronic opioid use treatment, IBH utilized its 30-year history of successfully treating opioid patients to build a specialized, multi-disciplinary program for the workers compensation industry.

IBH’s previously effective interactive tools have been coupled with validated assessment tools and cutting edge technologies, including:

  • PainCAS: Through the merger of Inflexxion, Inc., IBH now offers PainCAS, a scientifically validated, web-based, patient self-report clinical tool comprised of SOAPP-8, COMM-9, and its Pain and Functioning Index (PFI). With a focus on chronic pain and prevention of opioid misuse risk through the entire patient journey, these tools allow for assessing pain, functioning, and risk of problematic opioid-related behaviors.
  • PainEDU: PainEDU is an educational website for clinicians, to enhance understanding of pain management through interviews, articles, educational courses, and case studies. The site provides access to valuable resources and risk-management tools.
  • painACTION: painACTION is an online program that shows patients how to manage chronic pain step-by-step. The painACTION website serves as a daily resource for people with chronic pain conditions.
  • Tess: IBH’s opioid and pain management program offers 24/7 injured worker support and education through its Artificial Intelligence platform, Tess. Released in the spring of 2018, IBH partners with X2AI for customized elements that monitor, learn, and assist the injured worker and connect directly with providers when appropriate.

In addition, IBH uses customized and intense case and care management with physicians, nurses and psychologists. Coaching and psychoeducational training is provided for pain monitoring and management, cognitive therapy, resilience, and stress management.

“As IBH continues its growth within the industry, these tools will provide additional resources to the workers compensation market,” said Dr. Ed Bosanac, CEO of IBH.  “With a focus on pain management for injured workers, we continue to differentiate ourselves and our population health management capabilities.”

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